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sylware 05 Nov 2023, 18:22
Dumping in one repos many, intermangled, and often dependent, assembly code paths does not feel right. Usually, I only want a one or very few without pulling the whole "lib" (for instance the heavy thing).

I would prefer very few code paths (usually very related), or even only one with significant added value (for instance a getopt_long "enough" compatible with glibc one), in one repo (usually a public git). With an idiotic and small build shell script, to output a ELF object file... but the source code should try to be compatible with a "One Assembly Unit" (names and symbols proper mangling with a simple pre-processor).

If a code path would require services from other code paths, better go with very standard functions which you can parameter their names very easily (to ease "One Assembly Unit" support, ELF object symbol names...)

I guess I'll try to do that in the future.
Post 05 Nov 2023, 18:22
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