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not sure if this is the right forum as this post contans bits that belong to one forum and bits that belong to another, however the main one was whether my ui looks good or not, so therefore i placed it here. for my application i've spent the last week making my own user interface. however there are a few things i am unable to test Evil or Very Mad.

1. does my UI look good? do you like the silvery blue background? should i give it the always on top? .etc

2. does the window flicker when moved, i had drawn it all in bits and pieces and i've heard that if not done right it flickers Sad. i can only see a very slight flicker on my machine and i'd say my comp is rather fast. i'd like to know if you people with slow systems (under 800Mhz or something like that) if it flickers or not.

3. for the WM_LBUTTONDOWN message i used a rather long conditional chunk of code to see if the user had clicked the minimize or maximize buttons. is there a more efficient way of doing this?

invoke PostMessage,[hwnddlg],WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, 2h, 0
        invoke GetCursorPos,pt
        invoke ScreenToClient,[hwnddlg],pt
        cmp    [pt.x],230 ;is it far right enough?
        jae    above
                      cmp    [pt.x],218 ;is it far right enough?
                      jae    farenough
                      jmp    processed
                      cmp    [pt.x],227 ; is it too far right?
                      jbe    nottoofarright
                      jmp    processed
                      cmp    [pt.y],7 ; is it far down enough?
                      jae    itsfardownenough
                      jmp    processed
                      cmp    [pt.y],17 ;is it too far down?
                      jbe    hoveringonminimize
                      jmp    processed
                      invoke ShowWindow,[hwnddlg],SW_MINIMIZE
               jmp  processed
        cmp    [pt.x],240 ;is it too far right?
        jbe    nottoofar
        jmp    processed
        cmp     [pt.y],7 ;is it far down enough?
        jae     itslowdownenough
        jmp processed
        cmp     [pt.y],17 ;is it too far down?
        jbe     justright
        jmp     processed
        jmp     wmclose                            

4. how can i make the sections of a listbox have a larger height?

5. should i bother making the minimize and maximize buttons look different when the mouse hovers over them (i tried and failed misereably therefore i gave up Rolling Eyes).

btw the buttons look really crap on systems not running winXP Sad, also with WINXP on the classic style. im going to draw some half-decent buttons that look good on all windows systems when i can be bothered.

Filename: customui.zip
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Post 17 Feb 2006, 17:18
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