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Joined: 09 Sep 2004
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Hey guys! I try to figure it out how High Level Languages work
espacially OOP! So I looked at Visual Basic and other HLL's that
can create much forms and why it is so simple to use it and
just type "as new Form" and so on..

I got started yesterday looking at some produced file from
Visual Basic and guess what! There is not resource dialog..
even the MSVMVB60.DLL has no dialog resource in it..

So I'm just wondering how do these languages really work
because it would be interesting for assembly programmes
too to have such dynamic forms (also arrays) and why ARE
there properties and methods for such a form? for the re-
source one there isn't any property or method. and why
can these be set like Form1.Left = 20.. is all the code
translated to API?? I don't believe that..

So any help about this would be glad is there any technique?

Edit: I know there is COM, OCX and all this stuff and
I guess VB is using that but where is the dialog from?
for example or the Button? Wink

Thanks in advance
Post 07 Dec 2005, 19:42
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