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BXM 21 Nov 2005, 11:54
It is not a secret that I'm learning assembly. That's why FASMW is great to learn by example. I made some changes to it:

- Added XP controls (InitCommonControls)
- Added XP ABOUT dialog (ShellAboutA from shell32.dll)
Both changes run fine on Win98 too.

Although it's a learning experience (long and hard), there are more interesting changes in perspective:

a) Add a Toolbar, with the most used commands
|Open|Save|SaveAs| |compile|Run| |Find|Replace|

b) Compile ProgressBar in statusbar It may look as nice as in Firefox :)

c) BrowseForFolder in the Config dialog to Select the "Include" path (Options/Compiler Setup)

d) Find/replace all in one single form like VB6 replace dialog
-> Form call is l.1335
-> Form buttons are l.2017

e) Custom About Dialog with the look of windows with white header and icon

Can someone please help by throwing a sample of a toolbar or progressbar,
or saying what's wrong with this About dialog? (Transparent background on EDIT control works fine on XP but not Win98)

Filename: About.zip
Filesize: 3.27 KB
Downloaded: 225 Time(s)

Post 21 Nov 2005, 11:54
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Madis731 22 Nov 2005, 09:07
Somehow you displayed your text relative to SCREEN not your CHILD (the about window). Fascinating Very Happy
I can't help you now because I'm not tuned in for FASM right now, but what I CAN say is that it is possibly a very simple constant to change. Try to find something that draws text and accepts flags to write to window NOT to desktop.
Good luck!
Post 22 Nov 2005, 09:07
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