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rugxulo wrote:
It all comes down to what tools and libraries you have plus how much time, dedication, experience, etc. you have.

but that's exactly the point of such a large "Hello World" in C++. for example, printf has A LOT of options you don't even use, and they are in the executable anyway. and then, printf is a 'standard' function, so it isn't optimized for your application. I end up ignoring the whole standard library even when I code in C, and the .exe size is much smaller (i.e without unnecessary junk), even if that means designing my own print routine specialized for my own app.

experience.. hmm, well I think it depends on your efforts, doesn't it? example: many people are scared of asm, and say it's hard.. but that's because they are experienced with C/C++ or high-level languages and don't think in low-level asm way, so they find it hard. of course they will find asm harder if they are not experienced.. and to gain experience you'll have to put some effort in your learning and I also suggest to have fun with it (it's not the same thing as if someone forces you to learn it, you learn it for your fun/experience/education, etc..)

for example, I find asm almost as easy as C to read (though I don't have as much experience with asm as with C...), but that's because I put efforts in my asm learning, etc..
sure, C has variable names which are much cleaner than register names, but then comments help anyway Smile
Post 22 Feb 2006, 17:31
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