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Joined: 18 Nov 2005
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I have written a function to calculate the factorial of a number in nasm and I verfied the number is calculating correctly by externing printf and printing it but I want to not have to extern anyhting.

The variable used was declared in .bss and I was wondering if it would be possible to print it using int 80h. I tried using write() and printing it but nothing prints. I know that write takes a string and prints so I am aware I will probally have to convert the numbers to a string, but then after that I am still stuck on what address to put?

So basiclly how can you use write() to print someting from .bss and if you cant what do you use?

Im using nasm on slackware.
Post 18 Nov 2005, 20:29
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Joined: 21 Jun 2003
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You'd need to convert the number to a string, then pass the write() system call the address of the string and its length and the device to write the string to. As a simple example:

format elf executable
mov ecx, string_address                 ; address of string
mov edx, [string_address.length]        ; length of string
mov ebx, 1                              ; stdout
mov eax, 4                              ; sys_write
int $80

mov eax, 1                              ; sys_exit
int $80                                 ;

string_address db 'hello, world!'
.length dd $ - string_address    
Post 19 Nov 2005, 00:58
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Joined: 29 Dec 2003
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The conversion routine is a bit tricky but for a real programmer it's never a problem Smile.
format ELF executable
entry start

section readable executable

; calculate factorial of eax
        mov     eax, 5
        call    factorial
; convert result to string
        mov     ecx, buffer
        mov     edx, buffer.size
        call    convert_uint32_to_str
; print the string
        mov     eax, 4
        mov     ebx, 1
        int     0x80
; exit
        mov     eax, ebx
        xor     ebx, ebx
        int     0x80

; input:
; eax - unsigned value whose factorial is to be calculated
; output:
; eax - factorial
        cmp     eax, 1
        jbe     .finish
        lea     ecx, [eax-1]
        mul     ecx
        loop    .loop

; inputs:
; eax - unsigned value to be converted
; ecx - buffer the string is to be written to
; edx - length of buffer
; outputs:
; ecx - offset of string
; edx - length of string
        xor     edi, edi
        add     ecx, edx
        mov     ebx, 10
        dec     ecx
        inc     edi
        xor     edx, edx
        div     ebx
        add     dl, '0'
        mov     [ecx], dl
        test    eax, eax
        jnz     .loop
        mov     edx, edi

section writeable

buffer rb 16
.size = $ - buffer
Post 19 Nov 2005, 17:14
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