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Verbosity in development

Joined: 05 Sep 2003
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Location: Slovakia
Google Ad showed this: http://www.datatek-net.com/dtk_assembler.htm?s

I'd send them few codes to convert with their tools...
Post 15 Nov 2005, 08:56
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Missing in inaction

Joined: 19 Jun 2003
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Location: Colombia
"Due to the dwindling number of experienced assembly language programmers..."
In that order of ideas, assembly programmers should be the best paid of all. I would be happy to change my current job for a 100% assembly programming...
Post 15 Nov 2005, 13:30
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Joined: 18 May 2005
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Location: BC, Canada

that assembly language is totally dependent on the operating system

i was under the impression that the assembly language was dependant on the processor Twisted Evil

Post 17 Nov 2005, 07:53
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Joined: 18 Apr 2005
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Location: Virginia, USA
businesses are looking for ways to transition away from the use of assembly language

From my perspective, this is a false premise. There will always be a need for assembly language programmers. In fact, I believe there will be an increase demand for skilled assembly language programmers over the next several years, particularly in the reverse engineering field. Quality reverse engineering requires excellent assembly language skills. Reverse engineering is a key business area in the software security business. AND, reverse engineering is important to those companies who want to write the next "killer app" for the latest and greatest small personal digital devices ranging from smart phones to i-pods and automobie electronics. You need to reverse engineer existing systems to produce competative products on those platforms and you need highly skilled assembly language programmers to do an effective job at reverse engineering.

On the software security front, look how many large corporations are now paying big money for zero day exploits in order to make their products more secure from hackerz. We all know what the key skill set is in finding zero day exploits; that's right, assembly language skills. The very successful guys getting paid well for zero day exploits have the ability to read an olly debug, ida pro, or softice dump and spot the user imput immediatly from the assembly code generated. Guys like Greg Hoglund www.rootkit.com and others rock at assembly language and are in very high demand.

pellailo is absolutely right. given the relatively few numbers of skilled assembly language programmers and the increasing demand for such skills as I've outlined above (not the dwindling demand as falsely claimed by the ad) argues for increased salaries for those who have assembly language skills.

Its a great thing to be able to put assembly language skills on your resume!!
Post 17 Nov 2005, 12:42
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Joined: 07 Jan 2004
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Location: Sol. Earth. Europe. Romania. Bucuresti
I agree:

Good knowledge of:
-modern ASM programming language
-ASM reversing

Doubled by decent knowledge of:
-C/C++ programming

With some additional knowledge of:
- drivers and hardware I/O control

CAN and WILL bring you a good, nice and high profile job in one of the folowing domains:
-Antivirus Software
-Security Software
-Encryption Software
-drivers development
-embeded devices
-industrial control devices

It can aslo give you an competitive advantage to almost any software production area.

Well, that is more than enough to me Smile
Since I work for an big antivirus software company now
exactly because of my ASM knowledge.

And I have had some contracts as an independent developer or company because of this also.

However take great care: NEVER do any knind of malware no matter how benign it looks not even for "educational purposes" because this will paria you out of almost any security related job.

It you do any knid of malware forget about working in IT as a professional, better get a job in some other area Wink something to support your "hobby"
Post 17 Nov 2005, 21:51
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