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Evenbit 02 Nov 2005, 07:16
Anyone ever take a look at a source code editor called SciTE? It's got an ASM properties file that supports MASM and partial support for NASM. I thought it might be easy to adapt the existing properties file to support HLA syntax instead, but I ran into a problem right off the bat -- couldn't get it to use anything other than ";" as a comment character. A further digging into the docs revealed that some changes might require a re-writing of the lexer and a re-compile of Scintilla and SciTE, so I guess it might take more than just a shuffling of the values in the properties file. Before I get in over my head, I was wondering if anyone else had stumbled upon this editor and fiddled with these types of changes? One neat feature I noticed in the docs is meantion that one can provide some sort of API definitions file so that the editor provides Tooltips and AutoComplete functionality as well.

Post 02 Nov 2005, 07:16
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rugxulo 04 Nov 2005, 00:21
I recently downloaded the .EXE/DLL-in-one file version of SciTE from the website, but I haven't messed with trying to get specific FASM syntax highlighting (or anything else, really).

AutoComplete? If you mean InsertCompletion (like "Ctrl-Space" in Fresh or Ctrl-N, Ctrl-P in VIM), try Ctrl-Enter. Anyways, really my favorite editor is TDE (console editor, no folding, no insert completion, no spell check, no tags, but small size, menus, macros, syntax highlighting, multi-window, regex search/replace, grep-style file loading, dir browser, excellent configurability, public domain w/ C source for Win, DOS, Linux).

P.S. VIM does support FASM syntax highlighting (':syntax enable' then ':set syntax=fasm' since it defaults to GAS).

P.P.S. Jed, Vile, and JASSPA MicroEmacs are good editors, too.
Post 04 Nov 2005, 00:21
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