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maslan 24 Oct 2005, 16:25
hi guys

  push  ebp
  mov  ebp, esp
  mov  esp, dword [ebp+08]

  ; push dword ss3    ;      -----------> (1) ?
  ; push dword esp3  ;      -----------> (2) ?

  push  dword  0202h  ; eflags
  push  dword  08h  ; cs
  mov  eax, dword [ebp+12]
  push  dword  eax  ; eip
  push  dword  00h  ; eax
  push  dword  00h  ; ecx
  push  dword  00h  ; edx
  push  dword  00h  ; ebx
  mov  eax, dword [ebp+16]
  push  dword  eax  ; esp  -------------> (3)  ? ; this is the 
  push  dword  00h  ; ebp
  push  dword  00h  ; esi
  push  dword  00h  ; edi
  push  dword  10h  ; gs
  push  dword  10h  ; fs
  push  dword  10h  ; es
  push  dword  10h  ; ds
  push  dword  00h  ; error code
  push  dword  20h  ; interrupt number
  mov  eax, esp
  mov  esp, ebp
  pop  ebp

int create_task(int , int , int);
/* 1st parameter : process kernel stack */
/* 2nd parameter : process eip */
/* 3rd parameter : process user stack */

for example if a user process called a syscall by an int instruction, and the parameters where pushed on the process stack rather than the registers, which is the same technique used by *BSD. so which should point to the real user stack of the process esp3 number (2) or esp number (3) ?
another thing what should i initially set the eso3 number (2) & esp number (3) when i create a new process ?

I'm searching for perfection so, even if u need portability u 've to use Assembly
Post 24 Oct 2005, 16:25
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