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compilax 26 Aug 2005, 01:29
Hi. Ive been messing with the kernel, and when I tried replacing LAUNCHER with my own app, the kernel decided it couldnt find the new LAUNCHER. I dont know why this is, however it actually did find it. I uncommented the cli and jmp $, and my app started!

As to why it thought it couldnt find it - i was mounting my disk image in Linux and added the file from it, perhaps MenuetOS isnt too tolerant of something Linux's FAT driver does.

In the bunch of messages in KERNEL.ASM:
boot_nolauncher   db   'WARNING: problem finding launcher, ignoring...',0

Around line 635 of KERNEL.ASM, should be more like:

        mov   [0x3000],dword 1
        mov   [0x3004],dword 1

        mov   eax,firstapp
        call  start_application_fl

        cmp   eax,2                  ; if no first app found?
        je    first_app_found
        ;  This seems to happen sometimes even when the
        ; app was loaded, so let's just print a warning
        ; message and continue. - Zak Fenton
        mov esi, boot_nolauncher
        call boot_log

        mov   [0x3004],dword 2
        mov   [0x3000],dword 0

That or someone could fix start_application_fl or whatever is actually screwing up, but it doesnt seem like much of an issue (it doesnt occur on the untouched MenuetOS disk).
Post 26 Aug 2005, 01:29
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