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DC740 16 Aug 2005, 23:34
i have made a simple list box with a few functions and some kind of scrollbar... modify if you want, this is all the code i needed, thats why i didn't anything else, i tried to make a function like add item, but i overwrited the memory of the app Embarassed heheh so i quit that job, but you can change the listbox items, go up n down and get the selected item (the clicked...) and it needs no extra macro... i think hehe i really don't remember, anyway is all included in the zip, a lot of code has been stolen from the russian macro file ascl.inc.... well, at least the beginning of the code, i rewrited a lot of functions and made some new.... i tryed to make my programs code smaller and more easy to understand... any question do not doubt to ask... you can add new features if you want, but please let me know... so i can use them too Laughing ... i don't think that my code is the best (obviously it isn't) but if you want to add the basics of my listbox to the widget manager, it would be a honor to me... i didn't tryed to understand the widget manager code yet... sry about that, maybe later

good bye and happy coding Very Happy
emilio moretti

Description: this file is the compiled example and of course all the sources
Filename: ListBox.zip
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Post 16 Aug 2005, 23:34
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