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Llama Boy

Joined: 24 Jul 2005
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Llama Boy 01 Aug 2005, 17:29
I am working on a command line for an OS, working from scratch never seemed so hard. Ive only been programming for like 2weeks in assembler, so this is prolly very wrong. But here is the code

get_cmd proc near
    push ax
    push si
    mov ah,0
    int 16h
    cmp al, 13
    je got_cmd
    mov [si],al
    inc si
    jmp next_in
cmp si, cls
je clear_scr

jmp done_cmd

call clear_screen
jmp done_cmd

pop si
pop ax

get_cmd endp    

cls is
cls db 'clear',0

I know why it isn't working, but how could i make it read the word as a byte?

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Post 01 Aug 2005, 17:29
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