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mos7you 19 Jul 2005, 12:46
I need to make some transformation on c files. To do so i need to create an ast from the givven c file.

1) Are there builtin functions in the visual c++ that enable to parse a c file and create the appropriate AST and also to print the new AST as a c file after some transformations.

2) Does anyone have or know a very simple parser(with lex) for c language which is also wtritten in c or c++ which creates an AST from a givven c file and can print the AST as a c source file and as a tree. I know all the parsers of gcc and lcc and some others, however, i want something very small which would be easy to use.

Thanks in advance.
Post 19 Jul 2005, 12:46
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Chewy509 19 Jul 2005, 23:00
I personally don't know of any sources/links that may be appropriate for you, however these types of questions get asked on news://comp.compilers all the time. I suggest you try using google to search the NG for some solid answers.

However for a small C compiler, there's otcc and tcc by Fabrice Bellard. In addition to small C.

Post 19 Jul 2005, 23:00
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