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coconut 17 Jun 2005, 21:42
edited by vid: this thread should become list of available information on VGA programming.

Graphics Programming Black Book
by Michael Abrash

Post 17 Jun 2005, 21:42
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tom tobias

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tom tobias 20 Jun 2005, 10:19
smiddy wrote:
Thanks coconut! I have been fighting with VGA recently and hopefully this will put my donkey straight. Wink

Never having seen a crooked donkey, I am not sure if this reference will be of assistance, but, this is the best book on assembly language programming of vga controllers I know, not to take anything away from Abrash's excellent work:
Author Ferraro, Richard F.
Edition: 3rd (i.e. ELEVEN YEARS AGO)
Title: Programmer's Guide to the EGA, VGA and Super VGA Cards
(everything was super back then)
ISBN: 0201624907
Format: Paperback, 1632pp
Pub. Date: September 1994
Publisher: Addison-Wesley

"...I've found this book useful when I've reached for it, and I've found myself reaching for it increasingly often, and that's the real test of any reference."
- Michael Abrash, Dr. Dobb's Journal

The current price of 110$ for a used copy is a BARGAIN, in my opinion. Warning: nothing at all about nvidia, ATI, Intel, or most of the other video graphics controllers currently in use, but a gold mine if you are trying to program S3 or Trident. One year ago, the price of the book was $100. How many other books have appreciated 10% in the past year?

Abrash's book, I think it is Black Box programming, or something similar, is fun, and interesting, and educational. But, it is not a substitute for Ferraro's gem. Smile
Post 20 Jun 2005, 10:19
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Verbosity in development

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vid 25 Sep 2007, 13:54
great site about lowlevel VGA programming:

Post 25 Sep 2007, 13:54
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edfed 03 Oct 2007, 20:23
fuck off paying for datasheets, informations and others binaries

open source OK


You don't have permission to access /FreeVGA/ on this server.


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do you understand why???
Post 03 Oct 2007, 20:23
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