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THEWizardGenius 06 Jun 2005, 17:44
Lol about the subject, but seriously...
Enclosed is a file that basically contains a glossary/encyclopedia of the hardware devices that virtually all PCs have. This is not a guide to OS Development, nor a guide to how to learn about OS Development. This is a document on what to search for on google, and what to read about. There are keywords and basic information about each thing. This gives the first information someone will need if they want to write an OS and have no previous experience in the area of OS Dev. This information took hours or even days to find when I was a noobie, so I decided to put it into one document. I have spell-checked and everything, so the only errors possible are technical errors and grammatical errors. Please read, distribute, and be sure to tell me if there are any mistakes. My e-mail is wizgen@zwallet.com.

Please fill out the poll, so I know whether it is a good file or not. I may submit it to major OSDev sites such as BF (www.osdever.net) and others, if it is good enough.

Note: I mention at the beginning of the file that my new screen name is NotTheCHEAT. However, I also mention my old name since I used that name at this forum, before I changed it to NotTheCHEAT.

Description: This is a document with details on major hardware devices such as DMA, PIC, PIT, and many other chips, cards, and devices. Also in the document are notes on protected mode and real mode.
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Post 06 Jun 2005, 17:44
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