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Actually, I'm thinking of starting a newsletter for programmers of any language; however, it will feature assembly code as well as other languages, where other programming newsletters only cover C (or occasionally Pascal). We all like programming; we simply use different languages. The newsletter would probably have code for specific languages, and also pseudocode so it could be used for "any language."

My idea for a newsletter like that is to have articles about things that "every programmer/geek" "needs" to know. The "needs" part is of course relative to the viewpoint of the people who write the articles. We would have code for advanced programmers, and for beginning programmers as well. I'm thinking we would also have articles for specific subjects that not every "programmer/geek" needs to know, but that they could still enjoy and learn from even if it isn't, hrrrrmmm, in their area of expertise.

For example, my main thing is OS Development- and I might write about that, although not every geek needs to know about that- yet, specific portions of OS Development could be useful even to a geek who writes code in lisp Laughing for example, or in PHP Smile , or in any other language for that matter- certain aspects of OS Dev might be useful in general for those sorts of people. The newsletter of course would be very big, with many articles not realted, for example, to OS Dev, for those who are not particularly interested in OS Dev (or AI, or Demo Programming, or Web Servers, or anything else) to read.

Last: The articles must be simple enough for someone with minimal experience in that area (depending on what area of programming it is, of course) could understand. Translation: no using "big" words or "code" languages (i.e., slang) that would only be understood by the more "experienced" programmers.

Would anyone like to help, give input, ideas, etc.? I can't do this alone! Razz

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Post 13 May 2005, 04:21
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