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I'm not one who normally goes out of my way to promote products but I figured that this was worth sharing.

How many of you hail from the old Amiga days and used Directory Opus as your general file manager?

I recently discovered that DOpus is far from dead. It has been brought over to the windows platform and although it doesn't ressemble the original in any way it most certainly ressembles the power and ease of use that the Amiga version sported.

The main reason I'm taking the time to bring this to your attention is that for the kind of thing we do this application is a God send. The viewer pane makes browsing through source files a dream. It has built in FTP abilities so you can treat ftp sites almost as though they were simply another folder on your computer.

I can't really even begin to explain just how much I love this program. You really should give it a look, I doubt you will be sorry. It has so many features and is so configurable that after 4 months of owning it I feel I'm still just scratching the surface of whats possible. This is the only commercial (60 day demo, I got to day 15 when I bought it Wink ) product which I would say is an absolute must have and I feel it's a shame that more people don't know it exists. Give it a whirl.


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Post 03 May 2005, 07:23
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