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I am trying to write a code to calculate normal vectors from an arbitrary 3d model. Actually, I am a newbie in assembler and SIMD programming Wink, so, I can't find the errors in the following piece of code:


   v1 dd 1.0,1.0,0.0,0.0
   v2 dd 1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0
   v3 dd 0.0,1.0,0.0,0.0
   movups xmm0,dqword [v1]
   movups xmm1,dqword [v2]
   movups xmm2,dqword [v3]
   subps xmm1,xmm0              ;xmm1: v1-v2 = A = Ax Ay Az Aw
   subps xmm2,xmm0              ;xmm2: v1-v3 = B = Bx By Bz Bw
   movups xmm0,xmm2             ;xmm0: B = Bx By Bz Bw
   shufps xmm0,xmm2,10011101b   ;xmm0: By Bz Bx Bz
   shufps xmm1,xmm1,01100111b   ;xmm1: Az Ay Az Ax
   mulps xmm0,xmm1              ;xmm0: [By*Az] [Bz*Ay] [Bx*Az] [Bz*Ax]
   shufps xmm1,xmm1,00000010b   ;xmm1: Ax Ax Ax Ay
   shufps xmm2,xmm2,00011011b   ;xmm2: Bw Bz By Bx
   mulps xmm1,xmm2              ;xmm1: [?]     [?]     [Ax*By] [Ay*Bx]
   movups xmm2,xmm0             ;xmm2: [By*Az] [Bz*Ay] [Bx*Az] [Bz*Ax]
   shufps xmm0,xmm1,00011101b   ;xmm0: [Ay*Bx] [Ax*By] [By*Az] [Bx*Az]
   shufps xmm2,xmm1,00001000b   ;xmm2: [Ay*Bx] [Ay*Bx] [Bz*Ay] [Bz*Ax]
   subps xmm2,xmm0              ;xmm2: [0] [Ax*By - Ay*Bx] [By*Az - Bz*Ay] [Bx*Az - Bz*Ax]
   shufps xmm2,xmm2,11100001b   ;xmm2: [0] [Ax*By - Ay*Bx] [Bx*Az - Bz*Ax] [By*Az - Bz*Ay]  (w,z,y,x)

v1,v2,v3 are three vertices of a triangle. I want to obtain the normal vector of the triangle.

Thanks in advance!

Lord Ciriuz
Post 30 Apr 2005, 00:31
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