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Joined: 28 Sep 2003
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hi everybody

I'm trying to compile a device driver scidrive.sys with fasm, using a code skeleton once posted in the masm32 board.

FORMAT PE native at 10000h
entry DriverEntry

section '.code' code readable writeable executable

proc DriverEntry, DriverObject, RegPath


Loading this driver I get a Windows Error 0xC0000221 and a Message Box telling me: Can't load driver, the driver is not valid.

Does anybody know, how to write a driver skeleton with fasm?
With masm32 the driver is running ok with the following makeit.bat:
e:\masm32\bin\ml /c /coff /Ie:\masm32\scidrive scidrive.asm
e:\masm32\bin\LINK e:\masm32\scidrive\scidrive.obj /MERGE:.rdata=.text /MERGE:_PAGE=PAGE /SECTION:INIT,d /OPT:REF /RELEASE /DRIVER /INCREMENTAL:NO /FULLBUILD /FORCE:MULTIPLE /IGNORE:4001,4037,4039,4065,4070,4078,4087,4089 
/FILEALIGN:4096 /PDB:NONE /version:4.00 /osversion:4.00 /entry:DriverEntry@8 /align:0x20 /out:scidrive.sys /base:0x10000 /subsystem:native /LIBPATH:e:\masm32\scidrive 

sorry, was a bit sleepy this morning - now I've recognized the existing driver thread. my question is obsolete at the moment.

Post 28 Sep 2003, 06:31
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Joined: 04 Jul 2003
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Location: China
Please see the link, I think that it will answer your question.
Post 28 Sep 2003, 15:06
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Joined: 28 Sep 2003
Posts: 11
Thanks a lot Kevin_Zheng - I've rewritten the beep routine a bit:
Timer frequency is in low word and beep duration in milliseconds is in high word of BeepParam
invoke PsCreateSystemThread,ThreadHandle,THREAD_ALL_ACCESS,0,0,0,BeepThread,02000400h
proc BeepThread,BeepParam
     .Interval dq ?
        invoke KeGetCurrentThread
        invoke KeSetPriorityThread,eax,LOW_REALTIME_PRIORITY + 1

        mov al,0B6h
        out 43h,al
        mov eax,[BeepParam]
        out 42h,al
        mov al,ah
        out 42h,al
        in al,61h
        or al,3
        out 61h,al

        shr eax,16
        btr eax,15
        mov ecx,10000          ; 1 millisecond = 10000*100 nanoseconds 
        xor edx,edx
        mul ecx
        neg eax
        sbb edx,0

        lea ecx,[.Interval]    ; .Interval must be a 64 bit integer value
        mov dword[ecx],eax
        mov dword[ecx+4],edx
        invoke KeDelayExecutionThread,0,0,ecx

        in al,61h
        and al,0FCh
        out 61h,al
        invoke PsTerminateSystemThread,STATUS_SUCCESS
The first parameter in the DelayExecution call is either UserMode or KernelMode.
I put in a zero or a one, both worked. But I didn't find any definition for that in ntddk.h
- does anybody know where the definition can be found?
Another matter I'm still trying to figure out:
Is it possible to intercept the timer interrupt with an Interrupt Service Routine in order to get a more precice timing if necessary?
I found out that the thread delay is not really exact. It varies at about 20% of the given value.

Post 12 Oct 2003, 10:43
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