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Joined: 17 Aug 2004
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luka666 31 Mar 2005, 17:46
I am making a page for the main site so we will have info of all the current projects in one place.
Anyone who is programing something for menuetos please post your replys here. The reply should include:
- Name of the program/project
- Description of the program/project
- Newest version
- Nickname of developers (on this forum, fasm forum and irc) and real name if you wish
- Link to web site
- TO DO list
- Help wanted with... list

Any comments are welcome. Same topic is posted on forumer, so there is no need for one developer to reply to both. Thank you

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Post 31 Mar 2005, 17:46
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Joined: 13 Sep 2004
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Wildwest 31 Mar 2005, 20:38
Program for detecting CPU features.
supported vendors - Intel, AMD, VIA, Cyrix, IDT (Centaur),Transmeta
displayed features - CPU frequency; Internal Name;
Standard Features;CPU signature(family, model,stepping);
Codename; L1, L2 and L3 Caches; Technology; CPU Vendor; Logo for Vendors; Type; Brand; calculation of PR-rating for AMD AthlonXP;
Also included performance test (fixed-point).

Latest version is 0.92 (19 February 2005)

Main developer - Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest
Contributors - Ville Turjanmaa (his TIMES and CPUSPEED inspired me)
Madis Kalme aka Madis731
Jeffrey Amelynck aka Profkid
Marat Zakiyanov aka Mario79
Andrey Halyavin aka halyavin

Project page: http://coolthemes.narod.ru/files.html

Latest steppings for Intel, AMD, VIA (I do it)
Extended features (I do it)
FSB for AMD and Intel (very hard, I can try do it once again without any warranty).
add others vendors (Rise, UMC), support for 486 (I'm not sure is it needed)
more details about caches (associativity) (I'm not sure is it needed)
millions of transistors (requires BIG search)
date of CPU's core release (requires BIG search)

I need help in creating performance test for floating-point operations (Pi calculation or something like this)
If you can/want write this test - e-mail me.

CURRENT STATUS: frozen until best times (end of April or even later).
Post 31 Mar 2005, 20:38
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Joined: 13 Feb 2004
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Loplin 31 Mar 2005, 23:19
FYI, if people that have projects would like to put up webpages/info pages about them go ahead and make your way to http://menuet.homelinux.net/Projects:
Even if you already have a page about it, posting the info would still be helpful for making the wiki more of a central info center.

This could include
-Whos working on them
-Current features
-Things that are in development
-What you need help with
-Contact info

If I have a penny and you have a penny and we exchange pennies, we will both have one penny;but, if I have an idea and you have an idea and we exchange ideas, we will both have two ideas.

Post 31 Mar 2005, 23:19
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