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Hi there, I have uploaded a new formatting of the .cnt file http://www.masmforum.com/simple/index.php?topic=1060

I have divided it in some sections
1 General Windows Knowledge < 21 sub-themes, 19 References>
1 Common Controls < 18 sub-themes, 15 References >
1 Controls < 7 sub-themes, 5 references >
1 Shell and Integration < 16 sub-themes, 13 References>
1 Device Context Objects <17 sub-themes, 12 References>
1 Advanced Windows Programming Topics < 45 sub-themes, 29 References>
2 (PE)   Portable Executable File Manipulation (NEW)    < 6 sub-themes >
1 Language Support Topics < 4 sub-themes, 4 References>
1 Windows Networking < 6 sub-themes, 6 References>

Functions and an appendix

The first number is not show (is parsed by the help system), that two is a section in a subsection Wink....

Also dont know if such names for the sections are right, but for me make sense Wink.

For example, in the appendix I have put CONSTANS or MESSAGES Wink.

A language should be understable, not commentable Razz and a derivation of the language should continue being understable
Post 16 Mar 2005, 23:47
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