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FlashBurn 06 Mar 2005, 09:12
I´m writing an OS with fasm and now I wanted to change my fileformat from binary to ELF, but this isn´as easy as I thought Sad There are somethings that fasm does which I don´t understand. These are the things I want:

1. virtual entry address 0xc0100000
2. physical entry address 0x100000
3. virtual addresses of the sections are align on page boundary

If I write this "format ELF executable at 0xc0100000" the addresses are above 0xc0100000, but my entry symbol doesn´t start at 0xc0100000. I think this is because of the elf header.

I have to say that I don´t know how OSs load and execute files. Are they keeping the header of the file in memory or are they interpreting the header and loading only the code and data from a file? Because I don´t need the header after moving the code and data into the right place and so I want that my entry symbol is at 0xc0100000 (virtual and 0x100000 physical)!

I also don´t get the alignment I want and point 2 is also very important for me.
Post 06 Mar 2005, 09:12
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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 06 Mar 2005, 22:18
This is because of the very specific alignment handling in case of ELF executables. The ELF specification states:
(...) loadable process segments must have
congruent values for p_vaddr and p_offset, modulo the page size.

This means that the address of given section (I mean here the entry in program header, they're also called segments to distinguish from the object sections) modulo page size must be the same as offset in file module page size. So if the size of ELF header is 74h and the first section starts in the file just after the header, offset in file is 74h and address in memory must be 74h module the page size, so fasm makes it be your base address + 74h. So each section doesn't really start at the beginning of its page, but somewhere inside, depending on the alignment in file.
Post 06 Mar 2005, 22:18
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