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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 08 Jun 2005, 21:07
I don't think that this is actually more reflecting the logic of human thinking, the "if not defined then defined" is an anynomy because "defined" in this case means "defined anywhere". If it meant "defined somewhere before in the source" (actually it was meaning this in some old versions of fasm, I have changed it to current one to get rid of problem with order of definitions, so for example "global" macro could be defined properly), then behavior you talk about would be logical and correct (and the fasm's internals would naturally follow it, as they were when it had this meaning).

There's also possibility of making two operators, one for each of those possible meanings of "defined" - this would be the best solution, the only thing that troubles me is to select appropriate names for both.
Post 08 Jun 2005, 21:07
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khanh 08 Jun 2005, 22:25
Thank for fast reply Very Happy . (This makes this forum the best Cool .

I hope you can quickly complete the internal design of Fasm guide so more people can contribute to your work and make Fasm even better. (It's already the best Wink )
Post 08 Jun 2005, 22:25
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wildtollwut 14 Jun 2005, 13:50
very good article! lets hope you manage to incorporate future developments and technology without having to compromise (imho) fasm's main goal: to be the assembler that assembles the code with "as much constancy as possible" . because thats what i like in comparison to nasm/masm/tasm, you are able to recognise your syntax in the disassembly of the executable!

although i personally don't like the "flood" of macros in fasm (because of the reason above) i'm not forced to use them by fasm arhcitecture and i understand that many people leverage them. let's hope it's possible to stick to this principle!

good luck and happy coding Wink
Post 14 Jun 2005, 13:50
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