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beppe85 09 Feb 2005, 18:33
Hi, again!

I present you an assembler for MIPS32, build totally with FASM technology. Very Happy

Currently it can handle 56 instructions, and two are implemented as macros. I plan to first free time next year to implement instruction reordering, like found in the virtual machine exposed by native MIPS assembler. I guess it's quite easy to o, a instruction can be shifted up if if does not start a basic block. But until there I'll think it better.

It produces plain binary files, but not use it for large projects, I don't know why but preprocessor won't work. PC-relative branches ain't work.

Sadly I don't have a PlayStation2 to test it, but I'll be gratefull if someone can send me some MIPS native disassembly(hexadecimal machine code togheter with corresponding assembly source program).

Ah, how should I call it? fasMips? hmmm...don't know... Rolling Eyes

I would like to thank Privalov for his great assembler, and the ever-growing community who made FASM bet 'em all. And I would like to thank my mommy, for all her love and support.

That's all, folks!

LATER: I found my mistake which turned if/times/etc... unuseable. I forgot to include the symbol into the opcode table.

Description: Binary file plus sources for FASMW.
Filename: MIPS.zip
Filesize: 170.66 KB
Downloaded: 658 Time(s)

"I assemble, therefore I am"

If you got some spare time, visit my blog: http://www.beppe.theblog.com.br/ and sign my guestmap
Post 09 Feb 2005, 18:33
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