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Tukang Paip

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Tukang Paip
is there a way to give a section flag as an immediate value so that we can set other flags not supported by fasm? for example, i want to set flag value of 0x00000200 to a section in an object file (this is a common flag to specify an option to the linker, which should be named as '.drectve"). I know how to include section flags into the fasm core by modifying "formats.inc", for example:
 db 4,'data',19h,6
 db 9,'directive',19h,9         ;addition
 db 11,'discardable',19h,25

so i can use "directive" flag in source file like below

format ms coff
public main as "_main"


section ".drectve" directive
db "-subsystem:windows -entry:main", 0

although this is ok, but I really don't like modifying fasm compiler because when I share my code with friends, I need to send them the customized fasm too.
Post 29 Jan 2005, 06:11
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