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r22 08 Jan 2005, 02:34
I know its easier to use the macros, I know it compiles the same either way but...

I like doing my import section without the macro
section '.idata' import data readable writeable
dd 0,0,0,RVA lpszKernel32, RVA lpszKernel32Table
dd 0,0,0,RVA lpszUser32, RVA lpszUser32Table
dd 0,0,0,0,0

ExitProcess dd RVA lpszExitProcess
lstrcmp dd RVA lpszlstrcmp
RtlMoveMemory dd RVA lpszRtlMoveMemory
GetTickCount dd RVA lpszGetTickCount
dd 0

MessageBox dd RVA lpszMessageBoxA
wsprintf dd RVA lpszwsprintfA
dd 0

lpszKernel32 db 'KERNEL32.DLL',0
lpszUser32 db 'USER32.DLL',0
lpszExitProcess db 0,0,'ExitProcess',0
lpszlstrcmp db 0,0,'lstrcmpA',0
lpszRtlMoveMemory db 0,0,'RtlMoveMemory',0
lpszGetTickCount db 0,0,'GetTickCount',0
lpszMessageBoxA db 0,0,'MessageBoxA',0
lpszwsprintfA db 0,0,'wsprintfA',0

I'm making a DLL and would like to do the Export section in a similar way?
After looking at the macro for export and all the other macros it uses I became confused.
MY QUESTION can someone do the example dll export section raw for me with no export macro
section '.edata' export data readable

export 'ERRORMSG.DLL',\
Post 08 Jan 2005, 02:34
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vid 08 Jan 2005, 09:13
there was a version of FASM which was able to output result of preprocessing (eg. all macros were expanded), maye you could find and use that one.
Post 08 Jan 2005, 09:13
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