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sometimes, i found that programming is a weird thing.
we are learning too much standard made by others and i think that is not really smart.

it is all about directing the instruction pointer, getting data, interpret it and process it and show the result.

assembler is just a tool to help us instead of counting those addresses manually and converting those instruction mnemonics into binary.

my logic tells me, everything is basically easy but becoming so much hard after lots of standard involved.

i wonder how am i going to be a freeman if i attached myself so much with computer :p

pc is so much desirable, i guess because it could make men feel like success when they could control it. eg, moving mouse, you move the mouse to the left and the mouse pointer on screen go to left as you request. (remember the last time u hit ur mouse hard on desk when it malfunctions or can't scrolls properly?)

men loves everything listened to him/her. thats why pc become men best fan :p (i guess so), maybe somebody could code a weird mouse and keyboard hook and guess it could drives lot of people crazy!

well, i think men could only become mind free when they are not attached (depthly, seriously) on anything. well, men is greedy, they want mind free but at the same time, they want to enjoy all the material and ... (anything u could see and couldn't see) which bring troubles to mind :p

it is fun and nice and good to have a serene heart, a beautiful mind.
it is really fun, nice and good to have a serene heart, and beautiful mind ;P

day is sunshine bright, with some sounds, some music, i feel happy
how about ur mind, wanna share?

sulaiman chang
Post 25 Dec 2004, 01:39
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