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Here is the next Chapter (and all previous chapters) for the Windows Game Programming for dummies series Razz . There is only one example: starferretdeluxe.asm, but updated for directsound and directinput, along with other enhancements Cool . Also, the fasmdx.dll library has been updated with DirectInput and DirectSound code, and is now called fasmdx2.dll. See the readme1st.txt file for more info. All the previous examples have en updated to use VirualAlloc,VirtualFree functions instead of the GlobalAlloc,GlobalFree functions so would like some feedback as to how they are working for you Question , and also how the starferretdeluxe example is working as well. One last thing, the focus will shift from the examples to the fasmdx library, there are only a few examples left including one more major game Exclamation . Any questions or comments let me know Idea .

Arrow ftp site for the examples:
Arrow .rar program name: fasmw-WGPFD 16.0.rar

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Post 16 Dec 2004, 10:17
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as normal, i have updated the website download incase the ftp server goes down. http://www.asmdemon.com/ and click on the fasmw link
Post 17 Dec 2004, 01:43
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