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asmdemon 13 Dec 2004, 18:53
Ok, i have a problem(don't we all). I was rewriting the quetannon to make it, instead of TCP, do UDP or datagram(connectionless) protocol. The problem i'm having is that when the client program sends, the reciver recives the data, but when the reciver tries to send data back, it isn't recived by the client. i have included the modified source(sorry i removed the logo for size), which also has an updated version of the winsock equates file. the second zip is a c++ version that showed me that 2way communication was possible, and how do setup the sendto/recvfrom data. to prove that it is at least communicating on udp, you can use netstat -an or fport if you have it.

[edit]added screen shot[/edit][/img]

Description: a screen shot of problem
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Description: this is the current source code that i have modified, the exe, and the updated winsock equates.
Filename: telnetudp.zip
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Description: This is an example i found that shows UDP communication from the console.
Filename: DataGram.zip
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Post 13 Dec 2004, 18:53
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