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Rookie 19 Sep 2003, 21:18
1) I'm quite certain that I missed a post explaining this, but how come the sourceforge.net project page hasn't been updated for a while, if I may ask?
2) Why doesn't fasm support compiling win9x/nt drivers? I consider this a major drawback. Although the ASM community is very large, most people preffer at least medium-level programming languages, using ASM for OS cores and drivers.
In Windows, FASM is quite fun and easy to learn, mostly because of it's interface. In Linux, it's even more fun - you must use your favourite editor (may apply to windows as well, but with minor modifications fasmw cand be to the liking of anybody). Still, the reason I started learning ASM (well, IA32 ASM) was write a couple of drivers for one of my projects. I started looking for compilers, and came down to 2 choices: FASM and NASM. Although NASM seemed much more professional, I chose FASM because I realized it offered the same capabilities in a smaller package, with an editor included.
Although the drivers are still do-able, the process is kind of... ugly, and it would encourage programmers to use something else. Well, I think I already said too much... If I lost you on the way, the question was:
Why doesn't fasm output windows drivers?

This is who I choose to be.
Post 19 Sep 2003, 21:18
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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 19 Sep 2003, 21:32
1) The project has been moved to http://flatassembler.net and the page on SourceForge is not updated anymore.

2) http://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=256
Post 19 Sep 2003, 21:32
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Joined: 22 Jul 2003
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eet_1024 20 Sep 2003, 01:53
There is a Win32 Console version that can be launched from text editors. This is what I use.
Post 20 Sep 2003, 01:53
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