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Madis731 24 Sep 2004, 12:44
As fas as now, we don't have much to do with keyboard, but
concerning my USB mouse I would still like to use MeOS ie
with some keyboard shortcuts.
The Ideas Idea
The only thing I can do when Menuet boots is Ctrl+Alt+Delete
It's fun, yet I wish I could do more, don't you agree... Rolling Eyes
One idea would be FuncKey+R to type in an App. or as an
alternative, trying to emulate mouse movements with your
keyboard ie FuncKey+{<-;/\;->;\/} =±1px and NumPad0 for
10px. This would DEFINATELY not be "The Great Feature" but
moreof safe-mode or just-as-long-as-you-have-the-will-to-
get-a-mouse-from-next-room-MODE Laughing,
First of all, lets forget Windows OS. If you have menues like
&File, &Run, &Options, &Format <=you can't use Alt+F KB
shortcut to open Format, you'd have to do the illogical Alt+M
Crying or Very sad
My suggestion for menues is innovative, like MeOS itself Wink
Lets take the same 4 menues: Again you press some FuncKey
to notice MeOS about some tricky action and just start typing.
'F' gets you nowhere as for 'Fi' or 'Fo' select a menu. You
don't have to type from the beginning, but 'mat' opens Format
as well as 'or'. Its up to user which is comfortable to him/her.
If you mess up, the choice should not be final. Few backups,
like 1500ms delay for new input and/or backspace support
would be nice. Of course arrowbuttons selecting neighbourg
menus and rolling from/to last/first one is fine.
Lets remind Win32 again. It lets you make a list of files and
then you have a treeview there and an iconic view...hmm what
if we could combine them. When you open up your RD, then
you would have a tree, which expands downwards, like a
familytree. Every nod would have an icon describing it shortly
and when you browse your way with 4 arrowkeys to some file,
it show some more information, like size and a program you
can open it with. There would be no limits on regular tree
architecture, because if you get to the bottom of your tree,
you have 3...yes THREE vacant spaces to put another nod.
Let's consider a shortcut to neighbor nod and/or to the top
of the tree(RD) and/or to the next similar file.
I hate how unhumane are the windows' tilers and arrangers.
I never get what I want unless I have n^2 windows and wanna
div them equ on screen. Have you tried with 3 windows, when
11 are on the taskbar Shocked -horrible, I might say. Lets
put an unvisible 3x3 grid on the screen: now lets combine the
three on top, now to the left, lets combine these two...now we
can squeeze that upper part a bit - voila! - we have three nice
regions Lets take an (imaginary) Mpi³-playa, a T8k-a-Note!!!
and a i-Magi-N8or. Miraculesly all of them arrange into very
nice ansamble WOW! Cool
5)Wouldn't it be nice if we had ie 2 videocars supported from
ATI and nVidia Confused some mainstream card like MX440... that
are cheap to buy so not much to ask from MeOS neither from
users. I have browsed the net and found that somehow they
use assembly to code shaders for nVidia cards (CG) but this
moreof pseudoassembly. I was wondering if one is able to get
the internals of some card and others can write software for it.
A LOT of processing is lift off MeOS shoulders when it doesn't
have to blit those windows itself.

Comments anyone?
x) Doable, possible, easy, hard
y) Undoable, impossible, x-tremely hard
z) Not very important

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Post 24 Sep 2004, 12:44
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compilax 03 Oct 2004, 03:41
There is a way to use the mouse pointer with the keyboard:
hold ALT and use the arrow keys to move the pointer
still hold ALT and press space to "click", then press ALT+space again to let go.
if that doesnt work, try CTRL or shift in place of ALT... its soemthing like that. I have to use it sometimes when the mose driver dies.

I didnt read the stuff about menus through, but that stuff is up to the app to decide.
Post 03 Oct 2004, 03:41
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