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CandyMan 04 Jun 2022, 12:23
I wrote a driver for M$DOS 7.1 which pretends to be QEMM and allows you to transfer some DOS data to UMB memory. After use, my system only uses 8KB of conventional memory. Compile/assemble source code using fasm.
; Maximum Memory Driver for QEMM's DOSDATA.SYS/DOS-UP.SYS
;My CONFIG.SYS (M$DOS 7.1) looks like:
        format  binary as 'sys'
; Device Driver
struc   InitRequest
.Length         db      ?
.Unit           db      ?
.Function       db      ?
.Status         dw      ?
.Reserved       rb      8
.Units          db      ?
.EndAddress     dd      ?
.ParamAddr      dd      ?

virtual at 0
InitRequest     InitRequest
end virtual

        dd      -1
        dw      0xC000
        dw      Strategy
MainDevInt      \
        dw      DevInt1st
MyNewMagic      \
        db      '$MAXMEM'       ;7 chars
Counter db      2               ;#2->#0

        push    es bx
        pop     [cs:CmdPtr]

DevInt: push    ds bx
        pushd   0xAAAA5555
label CmdPtr dword at $-4
        pop     bx ds
        mov     [bx+InitRequest.Status],0100h
        pop     bx ds

New2Fh: pushfw
        cmp     ax,$D200
JumpsA: jz      short IsD200
        cmp     ax,$D201
JumpsB: jz      short IsD201
Jmp2Fh: popfw
        jmp     0:0
label Old2Fh dword at $-4

IsD200: cmp     bx,5144h
        jne     Jmp2Fh
        cmp     cx,4D45h
        jne     Jmp2Fh
        cmp     dx,4D30h
        jnz     Jmp2Fh
        mov     al,-1
        mov     bx,4D45h
        mov     cx,4D44h
        mov     dx,5652h
        retfw   2

IsD201: cmp     bx,4849h
        jnz     Jmp2Fh
        cmp     cx,5241h
        jnz     Jmp2Fh
        cmp     dx,4D30h
        jnz     Jmp2Fh
if 1
        dec     [cs:Counter]
        jnz     @F
        mov     word [cs:JumpsA],9090h
        mov     word [cs:JumpsB],9090h
end if
        push    es
        mov     ah,52h
        int     21h
        mov     cx,[es:008Ch]   ;DOS 7.1/8.0 UMB
        mov     es,cx
        inc     cx
        add     cx,[es:3]
        pop     es
        mov     bx,4F4Bh
        xor     dx,dx
        retfw   2


        mov     ax,3000h
        int     21h
        mov     ax,8103h
        xor     dx,dx
        cmp     bh,-1   ;MS-DOS?
        jnz     .Exit
        push    cs
        pop     ds
        mov     [MainDevInt],DevInt
        mov     ax,352Fh
        int     21h
        push    es bx
        pop     [Old2Fh]
        mov     ax,252Fh
        mov     dx,New2Fh
        int     21h
        mov     ax,0100h
        mov     dx,Resident
.Exit:  ret

        push    ds es

        lds     bx,[cs:CmdPtr]
        cmp     [bx+InitRequest.Function],0
        jnz     OtherCmd

        push    ds bx
        call    InitFunc
        pop     bx ds
        mov     [bx+InitRequest.Status],ax
        push    cs dx
        pop     [bx+InitRequest.EndAddress]
        pop     es ds

Filename: MAXMEM.7Z
Filesize: 46.64 KB
Downloaded: 386 Time(s)

smaller is better
Post 04 Jun 2022, 12:23
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