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FlierMate 04 Feb 2022, 15:39
al_Fazline wrote:
DataMatrix is indeed kinda easier to understand, then QR, I think.

The only problem is that I don't quite understand how to generate the error correction codes myself. It has some hardcore math in it. I'm wondering if it's using same constants as QR or not (as far as I understand particular Reed-Solomon implementation depends on several constants. I didn't find which constants DM is supposed to use however.

Thanks for giving hope that it is easier to understand than QR.

In QR, according to specification, the
 rs_init_gf(&rs, 0x11d);    

In data matrix, however,
rs_init_gf(&rs, 0x12d);    

where rs_init_gf is:
rs_init_gf(&rs, prime_poly) initialises the parameters for the Galois Field.

Reference to Zint API:
- https://github.com/woo-j/zint/blob/master/backend/qr.c (QR)
- https://github.com/woo-j/zint/blob/master/backend/dmatrix.c (Data matrix)

So perhaps you can make use of the simple Reed-Solomon encoder in this thread (converted by Hrstka) for use in Data matrix encoding as well, just change the prime_poly (gf) from 285 (0x11d) to 301 (ox12d). I don't understand the math, don't ask me why. Razz

Please share your work with us once you have implemented it in FASM. All the best!
Post 04 Feb 2022, 15:39
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