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macomics 05 Aug 2021, 17:24
As an alternative to the macros from proc.inc, I tried to create my own. They allow you to describe functions close to the syntax from Pascal. These macros are easily rewritten for 64-bit mode. Just replace the set of registers and the length of the predefined variables.
function <NAME>,<REGS>,<CONF>
    return <STATUS>, <VALUE>
    return <STATUS>, <VALUE>
    return <ERROR>, <RESULT>    

<NAME> - name of function;
<REGS> - any set of integer register (eax, ebx, ecx, edx, ebp, esi, edi, efl, all);
<CONF> - one of function type: stdcall, fastcall, cdecl, register;
<ARGS_LIST>,<VARS_LIST> - function args and local vars accessed from function body(names must start with the character '.');
<CODE> - function code;
<STATUS> - carry flag value: SUCC(CF=0), FAIL(CF=1),SWAP(!CF),DONE(CF not changed);
<VALUE> - return value, or [.Result] can be used to hold return value;
<SEH_CODE> - Structured exception handling code (for Win32);
<ERROR> - SEH return status: BREAK(continue from the point of safe return from the current function), CONTINUE(continue with the command that caused the program to be interrupted), RETRY(continue searching for a suitable SEH function);
<RESULT> - error result.

Description: read comments before using.
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Post 05 Aug 2021, 17:24
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