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ProMiNick 20 Nov 2019, 10:00
Problem self resolved - struct member conflict with assembler directive name:

macro interface definition
        match name tail, definition: \{
                        db \`name
                        load initial@struct byte from $$
                        if initial@struct = '.'
                                display 'Error: name of interface should not begin with a dot.',0Dh,0Ah
                        end if
                end virtual

                macro endi \\{
                        if $
                                display 'Error: definition of ',\`name,' contains illegal instructions.',0Dh,0Ah
                        end if
                        match =@guid,@guid \\\{
                                         display 'Error: missing GUID in definition of ',\`name,0Dh,0Ah
                                         err \\\}
                        restruc stdmethod
                        purge endi
                        irpv methods,method@vtbl \\\{
                                restore method@vtbl
                                ;define methods@vtbl methods
                                define@vtbl name,methods
                                define methods@\#name methods \\\}
                        IID_\#name equ @guid
                        restore @vtbl, @guid
                        ;define@vtbl methods@vtbl
                        ;match methods,methods@vtbl \\\{ \\\}
                        end virtual \\}

                ;match :,tail \\{  \\}
                match =extends parent:, tail \\{ method@vtbl equ methods@\\#parent \\} \}

        struc stdmethod args& \{ define method@vtbl . \}
        macro GUID ID& \{ define @guid ID
                purge GUID \}
        define @vtbl
        virtual at 0 }

macro define@vtbl name,[method]
        match no, @vtbl \{
                disply 'Error: define@vtbl is used outside of interface definition.',0Dh,0Ah
                err \}
        name#.#method PTR ?
        local value
        name#.com.interface = $ / sizeof.PTR

        restruc name
        struc name vtbl:? \{
                match , @struct \\{ define field@struct .,name,vtbl \\}
                match no, @struct \\{ . PTR vtbl
                        virtual at 0
                                .#method PTR ?
                                .\#\\.com.object = name#.com.interface
                        end virtual \\} \}
        restruc name#Vtbl
        struc name#Vtbl value \{ \local \..base
                label \..base
                .#method PTR value
                label . at \..base \}

macro comobject name
                db `name
                load initial@struct byte from $$
                if initial@struct = '.'
                        display 'Error: name of com object should not begin with a dot.',0Dh,0Ah
                end if
        end virtual

        macro endo \{
                if $
                        display 'Error: definition of ',`name,' contains illegal instructions.',0Dh,0Ah
                end if
                match =@guid,@guid \\{
                                 display 'Error: missing GUID in definition of ',`name,0Dh,0Ah
                                 err \\}
                restruc stdmethod
                purge endo
                CLSID_#name equ @guid
                restore @vtbl, @guid
                end virtual \}

        macro CLSID ID& \{ define @guid ID
                purge CLSID \}
        define @vtbl

        virtual at 0}

previously should be defined "struc PTR"    

define _DIRECTX1_H

interface IDirectDraw extends IUnknown
  GUID                          6C14DB80-A733-11CE-A521-0020AF0BE560
  Compact                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS)
  CreateClipper                 stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags, LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER *lplpDDClipper, IUnknown *pUnkOuter)
  CreatePalette                 stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawPaletteCapsFlags dwFlags, LPPALETTEENTRY lpDDColorArray, LPDIRECTDRAWPALETTE *lplpDDPalette, IUnknown *pUnkOuter)
  CreateSurface                 stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE *lplpDDSurface, IUnknown *pUnkOuter)
  DuplicateSurface              stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSurface, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE *lplpDupDDSurface)
  EnumDisplayModes              stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawEnumDisplayModesFlags dwFlags, LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc, LPVOID lpContext, LPDDENUMMODESCALLBACK lpEnumModesCallback)
  EnumSurfaces                  stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawEnumSurfacesFlags dwFlags, LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc, LPVOID lpContext, LPDDENUMSURFACESCALLBACK lpEnumSurfacesCallback)
  FlipToGDISurface              stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS)
  GetCaps                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDCAPS lpDDDriverCaps, LPDDCAPS lpDDHELCaps)
  GetDisplayMode                stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc)
  GetFourCCCodes                stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDWORD lpNumCodes, LPDWORD lpCodes)
  GetGDISurface                 stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE *lplpGDIDDSSurface)
  GetMonitorFrequency           stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDWORD lpdwFrequency)
  GetScanLine                   stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDWORD lpdwScanLine)
  GetVerticalBlankStatus        stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPBOOL lpbIsInVB)
  Initialize                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, GUID * lpGUID)
  RestoreDisplayMode            stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS)
  SetCooperativeLevel           stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, HWND hWnd, DirectDrawSetCooperativeLevelFlags dwFlags)
  SetDisplayMode                stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwWidth, DWORD dwHeight, DWORD dwBPP)
  WaitForVerticalBlank          stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawWaitForVerticalBlankFlags dwFlags, HANDLE hEvent)

interface IDirectDrawSurface extends IUnknown
  GUID                          6C14DB81-A733-11CE-A521-0020AF0BE560
  AddAttachedSurface            stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSAttachedSurface)
  AddOverlayDirtyRect           stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPRECT lpRect)
  Blt                           stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPRECT lpDestRect, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSrcSurface, LPRECT lpSrcRect, DirectDrawBltFlags dwFlags, LPDDBLTFX lpDDBltFx)
  BltBatch                      stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDBLTBATCH lpDDBltBatch, DWORD dwCount, DWORD dwFlags)
  BltFast                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwX, DWORD dwY, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSrcSurface, LPRECT lpSrcRect, DWORD dwTrans)
  DeleteAttachedSurface         stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSurface)
  EnumAttachedSurfaces          stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPVOID lpContext, LPDDENUMSURFACESCALLBACK lpEnumSurfacesCallback)
  EnumOverlayZOrders            stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawEnumOverlayZOrderFlags dwFlags, LPVOID lpContext, LPDDENUMSURFACESCALLBACK lpfnCallback)
  Flip                          stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSurfaceTargetOverride, DirectDrawFlipFlags dwFlags)
  GetAttachedSurface            stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDSCAPS lpDDSCaps, [out] LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE *lplpDDAttachedSurface)
  GetBltStatus                  stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawGetBltStatusFlags dwFlags)
  GetCaps                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDSCAPS lpDDSCaps)
  GetClipper                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER *lplpDDClipper)
  GetColorKey                   stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawSurfaceSetGetColorKeyFlags dwFlags, LPDDCOLORKEY lpDDColorKey)
  GetDC                         stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, HDC *phDC)
  GetFlipStatus                 stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags)
  GetOverlayPosition            stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPLONG lplX, LPLONG lplY)
  GetPalette                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWPALETTE * lplpDDPalette)
  GetPixelFormat                stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDPIXELFORMAT lpDDPixelFormat)
  GetSurfaceDesc                stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc)
  Initialize                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAW lpDD, LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc)
  IsLost                        stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS)
  Lock                          stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPRECT lpDestRect,LPDDSURFACEDESC lpDDSurfaceDesc, DirectDrawSurfaceLockFlags dwFlags, HANDLE hEvent)
  ReleaseDC                     stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, HDC hDC)
  \Restore                      stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS)
  SetClipper                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER lpDDClipper)
  SetColorKey                   stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawSurfaceSetGetColorKeyFlags dwFlags, LPDDCOLORKEY lpDDColorKey)
  SetOverlayPosition            stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LONG lX, LONG lY)
  SetPalette                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAWPALETTE lpDDPalette)
  Unlock                        stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPVOID lp)
  UpdateOverlay                 stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPRECT lpSrcRect, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDDestSurface, LPRECT lpDestRect, DirectDrawSurfaceOverlayFlags dwFlags, LPDDOVERLAYFX lpDDOverlayFx)
  UpdateOverlayDisplay          stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags)
  UpdateOverlayZOrder           stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawUpdateOverlayZOrderFlags dwFlags, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSReference)

interface IDirectDrawPalette extends IUnknown
  GUID                          6C14DB84-A733-11CE-A521-0020AF0BE560
  GetCaps                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DirectDrawPaletteCapsFlags *lpdwCaps)
  GetEntries                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags, DWORD dwBase, DWORD dwNumEntries, LPPALETTEENTRY lpEntries)
  Initialize                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAW lpDD, DWORD dwFlags, LPPALETTEENTRY lpDDColorTable)
  SetEntries                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags, DWORD dwStartingEntry, DWORD dwCount, LPPALETTEENTRY lpEntries)

interface IDirectDrawClipper extends IUnknown
  GUID                          6C14DB85-A733-11CE-A521-0020AF0BE560
  GetClipList                   stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPRECT lpRect, LPRGNDATA lpClipList, LPDWORD lpdwSize)
  GetHWnd                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, HWND * hWnd)
  Initialize                    stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPDIRECTDRAW lpDD, DWORD dwFlags)
  IsClipListChanged             stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, BOOL * lpbChanged)
  SetClipList                   stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, LPRGNDATA lpClipList, DWORD dwFlags)
  SetHWnd                       stdmethod(IDirectDraw *THIS, DWORD dwFlags, HWND hWnd)


I was amazed that was no needance to add "@","$","%",",' or smthing else at end of Restore method but was just enoght to prepend it with "\"
That is not worked in common case. but it remains partialy useful
EOF - is alt+0+2+6

I don`t like to refer by "you" to one person.
My soul requires acronim "thou" instead.
Post 20 Nov 2019, 10:00
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