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Hello all.
I found that MS DirectX is opensource (not Direct3D, just DirectX!!!).

opensource was only DirectX 1.0 SDK version - but hardware acceleration already there (and all DX1 examples work on all modern PCs) - so it could help opensource OSes (at least to 32bit ones) to move graphic processing from CPU to GPU in DX lightweight manner(instead heavi opengl with size>25Mb).
When I completely remake it in fasm, optimize it and test it - I will share it.
Due to sources not exactly open I will not share current state & proofs of opensourceness of DX1 SDK.

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Post 18 Nov 2019, 08:10
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Hey, have you looked into Vulkan? Pretty powerful and low-level. Depending how you link with it, it may not be that big, but not sure. They even have a somewhat complicated way of grabbing device function pointers to avoid 'trampolining,' in the name of performance.

SPIR-V is also really neat, their compute and shader binary representation format.

I've built command buffers, queues, and the like with fasm and Vulkan, may try to post some stuff here if I can adapt it so that it interfaces more generically with other devices.

Post 18 Nov 2019, 15:59
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