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ProMiNick 19 Dec 2018, 09:15
patch places:
1) tables.inc:
 dw instructions_1-instructions,(instructions_2-instructions_1)/(1+3) ;+
 dw instructions_2-instructions,(instructions_3-instructions_2)/(2+3)
 dw instructions_3-instructions,(instructions_4-instructions_3)/(3+3)
 dw instructions_4-instructions,(instructions_5-instructions_4)/(4+3)
 dw instructions_5-instructions,(instructions_6-instructions_5)/(5+3)
 dw instructions_6-instructions,(instructions_7-instructions_6)/(6+3)
 dw instructions_7-instructions,(instructions_8-instructions_7)/(7+3)
 dw instructions_8-instructions,(instructions_9-instructions_8)/(8+3)
 dw instructions_9-instructions,(instructions_10-instructions_9)/(9+3)
 dw instructions_10-instructions,(instructions_11-instructions_10)/(10+3)
 dw instructions_11-instructions,(instructions_12-instructions_11)/(11+3)
 dw instructions_12-instructions,(instructions_13-instructions_12)/(12+3)
 dw instructions_13-instructions,(instructions_14-instructions_13)/(13+3)
 dw instructions_14-instructions,(instructions_15-instructions_14)/(14+3)
 dw instructions_15-instructions,(instructions_16-instructions_15)/(15+3)
 dw instructions_16-instructions,(instructions_end-instructions_16)/(16+3)
 .end_header: ;+

instructions_1: ;+

2) parser.inc:
        push    esi
        mov     ebp,ecx
        call    lower_case
        mov     ecx,ebp
        cmp     cl,(instructions.end_header-instructions)/4 ; that is more flexible than direct integer value
        ja      no_instruction
        ; comparison with substruction 2 from cl is removed at all
        movzx   ebx,word [instructions+ecx*4-4] ; corrected to new ecx
        add     ebx,instructions
        movzx   edx,word [instructions+ecx*4-2] ; corrected to new ecx
        or      edx,edx
        jz      no_instruction    

negative: instructions table grows up for 1 element = 4 bytes
for rare errorneus case of 1 symbol instruction processing will be 3 instruction longer

positive: parser code will be more flexible and more adaptive (one less patch will be required for fasmarm addon)
for all normal instruction length cases processing will be 2 instruction faster.

In fasmarm:
        push    esi
        mov     ebp,ecx
        call    lower_case
        mov     byte[characters+CONDITION_SEARCH_CHARACTER],0
        mov     ecx,ebp
        cmp     cl,(instructions.end_header-instructions)/4
        ja      .no_instruction
        sub     cl,1
        jc      .no_instruction ; this never happen cl is always nonzero - sholud be removed from code
; because get_instruction call (ARM_get_instruction & ARM_find_instruction calls as its patch respectively) gets cl value from [esp] - size of token and there is no way to create nullsize token    

by analogy change symbols data_directives etc. - it takes 2 instruction faster per almost each token operated in parser state (fasm too fast, I even couldn`t test speed effect)

To be continued...

I don`t like to refer by "you" to one person.
My soul requires acronim "thou" instead.
Post 19 Dec 2018, 09:15
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Joined: 24 Mar 2012
Posts: 789
Location: Russian Federation, Sochi
ProMiNick 20 Dec 2018, 12:36
little offtopic:
add this https://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?p=50067 from far 2007 to modern fasm & fasmarm
https://yadi.sk/d/ZctCe5onzFz6mQ - if you not interested in launchig fasmg from them - you could unarchive only exe you needed.
sorry, as prey used not original fasm IDEs (but ones I adapted for launch fasmg from them)
sources are dosn`t matter. You could reproduce them

use if you like it

strong side of such solutions is dramaticaly weak side too:
highlighting uses fasm internal parser tables

but in case fasmg - we have flexible syntaxies. And logicaly wished that highlighting will be more customizable. Highlighting syntax of both flagman atchiyectures - nice but absolutely not enought.

fasmw screenshot
fasmwarm screenshot

I don`t like to refer by "you" to one person.
My soul requires acronim "thou" instead.
Post 20 Dec 2018, 12:36
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