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ProMiNick 14 May 2018, 10:02
;format PE CEGUI 2.11 at $10000
format PE GUI 2.11 at $10000;rename binary as 'winCE.EXE'

entry start   ;launch CMD line '%OUTPUT%'

include 'wincew.inc'

section '.text' code readable executable

        ;invoke  GetModuleHandle,0 ; {MOV R0, #0; BL GetModuleHandle}
        ;STR     R0, [wc.hInstance]
        STR     R4, [wc.hInstance] ; Initialy R4 holds hInstance
        LDR     R1, WindowProc
        STR     R1, [wc.lpfnWndProc]
        MOV     R1, COLOR_BTNFACE+1
        STR     R1, [wc.hbrBackground]
        LDR     R1, _class
        STR     R1, [wc.lpszClassName]
        invoke  LoadIcon,R0,IDI_APPLICATION ; {MOV R1, IDI_APPLICATION; BL LoadIcon}
        STR     R0, [wc.hIcon]
        invoke  RegisterClass,wc ; {LDR R0, wc; BL RegisterClass}
        CMP     R0,#0
        BEQ     error
        invoke  CreateWindowEx,0,_class,_title,$10000000,0,0,100,100,NULL,NULL,[wc.hInstance],NULL ; {MOV R0, #0; LDR R1, _class; LDR R2, _title; MOV R3, $10000000; (MOV R5, NULL; STR R5, [SP]), (LDR R5, [wc.hInstance]; STR R5, [SP-4]), (MOV R5, NULL; STR R5, [SP-8]), (MOV R5, NULL; STR R5, [SP-12]), (MOV R5, 100; STR R5, [SP-16]), (MOV R5, 100; STR R5, [SP-20]), (MOV R5, 0; STR R5, [SP-16]), (MOV R5, 0; STR R5, [SP-20]), later 4 nulls for 4 params via registers; BL CreateWindowEx}
        CMP     R0,#0
        BEQ     error

        invoke  GetMessage,msg,NULL,0,0 ; {LDR R0, msg; MOV R1, NULL; MOV R2, #0; MOV R3, #0; BL GetMessage}
        CMP     R0, #0
        BEQ     end_loop
        invoke  TranslateMessage,msg ; {LDR R0, msg; BL TranslateMessage}
        invoke  DispatchMessage,msg ; {LDR R0, msg; BL DispatchMessage}
        B       msg_loop

        invoke  MessageBox,NULL,_error,NULL,MB_ICONERROR+MB_OK ; MOV R0, NULL; LDR R1, _error; MOV R2, NULL; MOV R3, MB_ICONERROR+MB_OK; BL MessageBox}

        ;invoke  ExitProcess,0
        MOV     R0,#0
        MOV     PC,$F000F7F8 ;B $F000F7F8; ExitProcess=$F000F7F8?

proc WindowProc uses R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R11 LR, hwnd,wmsg,wparam,lparam
        CMP     R1,WM_DESTROY
        BEQ     .wmdestroy
        invoke  DefWindowProc,R0,R1,R2,R3
        B       .finish
        invoke  PostQuitMessage,0 ; {MOV R0, #0; BL PostQuitMessage}
        MOV     R0,#0

section '.data' data readable writeable

  _class TCHAR 'FASMWINCE',0
  _title TCHAR 'WinCE program template',0
  _error TCHAR 'Startup failed.',0

  wc WNDCLASS style:0, lpfnWndProc:WindowProc, hbrBackground:COLOR_BTNFACE+1, lpszClassName:_class
  msg MSG

section '.idata' import data readable writeable
  ;DCD 0,0,0,RVA coredll_name,RVA coredll_table
  ;dd 0,0,0,0,0

  ;  ExitProcess dd RVA _ExitProcess
  ;  dd 0

  ;coredll_name db 'COREDLL.DLL',0

  ;LoadIcon dw 0
  ;  db 'LoadIconW',0
  ;RegisterClass dw 0
  ;  db 'RegisterClassW',0
  ;CreateWindowEx dw 0
  ;  db 'CreateWindowExW',0
  ;GetMessage dw 0
  ;  db 'GetMessageW',0
  ;TranslateMessage dw 0
  ;  db 'TranslateMessage',0
  ;DispatchMessage dw 0
  ;  db 'DispatchMessageW',0
  ;MessageBox dw 0
  ;  db 'MessageBoxW',0
  ;DefWindowProc dw 0
  ;  db 'DefWindowProcW',0
  ;PostQuitMessage dw 0
  ;  db 'PostQuitMessageW',0

    library coredll,'COREDLL.DLL'

  include 'ABI\WINCE\API\coredll.inc'     

where is correct formatter includes & macros to ARM format variations & ARM OSes

question: registers R0-R3 for calls 1st 4 args, what is the best register for temp calculations? to make some things via macro?
(I would prefer to change order of STR instruction to Intel like syntax).
Why I try ARM in wince - it small, easy to emulate & it structures & apies looks like windows structures & apies. this is skeleton of app, for now wincew.inc & ceredll.inc - not exists.

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Post 14 May 2018, 10:02
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revolution 14 May 2018, 10:38
Yes, you could make all the various macros to do that if you wanted.

The register usage for calls will follow the ARM call standard. R4-R11 to be preserved. R0-R3, R12 volatile. R13 stack. R14 return address. R15 is PC. And R12 is used by the ARM compiler for long jumps/calls.
Post 14 May 2018, 10:38
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