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Joined: 08 Jan 2018
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Ali.Z 06 Feb 2018, 05:13
this is my template, even tho i dont use everything here.
i wish if fasm have at least an option to save one template, so i dont have to manually copy and paste.

;.model flat, stdcall
;.stack 0x64
include 'win32a.inc'
format pe gui ;6.1
entry point

section '.text' code readable executable ; .text module executable code


section '.data' data readable writeable ; .data module global variables

;section '.bss' data readable writeable ; .bss module uninitialized data and static variables

;section '.rdata' data readable ; .rdata module read-only variables and constants

;section 'rsrc' data readable ; .rsrc module resources information

section '.idata' import data readable writeable ; .idata module imported files and dependencies

  library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL',\

  include 'api\kernel32.inc'
  include 'api\user32.inc'

;section '.edata' readable writeable ; .edata module export data for other executables

;section '.reloc' fixups data readable discardable    

Asm For Wise Humans
Post 06 Feb 2018, 05:13
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