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Kinda weird question but I thought I'd ask it here since it's somewhat related to assembly (instructions).

Basically, I got this massive 3rd party code (open source code, not mine) that gets compiled to asm by a compiler (I don't expect it to be readable by human obviously). And what I want to do for specific reasons is to identify labels in this generated asm code that contain instructions which "require" alignment. Obviously, an automatic process, so I'll write a parser (in awk, or something like that).

But that will likely be up to me to do, so what I am asking here if any expert in SSE/AVX wants to help me, is basically, just a list of instructions that have the potential to cause segfault due to misalignment. Note that I'm only asking for instruction names, because I can obviously check if one of the operands is a memory operand myself.

Ideally I'd cascade this entire list down myself into a regular expression, and then use AWK or something like that to identify labels which have instructions "between" that and next label (or function), and take note of the line number, etc.

If there's an online resource where there's such a list of instructions that have the capability to cause segfault due to misalignment that would be great but I wasn't able to find one (SSE/AVX+ instructions, obviously, because others cannot do that on x86!)

I'm not sure if I want to skim myself through every single instruction and see that, since I'm sort of a rookie with SSE/AVX myself, because it would take a lot of time. So I figured I'd ask this first, just in case someone else knows. Smile

Yeah, I know I can prepend 'v' to SSE instructions to turn them into AVX, so no need to list that. But if there's an AVX-only instruction that can cause segfault due to misalignment, it should be in the list of course...

Thanks Razz
Post 25 Jan 2017, 22:08
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