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Constantine 29 Oct 2016, 07:33
I need to create icon of my exe file. I wrote resources section as specified in docs:

section '.rsrc' resource data readable
  directory RT_ICON, icons, RT_GROUP_ICON, group_icons
  resource icons, 1, LANG_NEUTRAL, icon_data
  resource group_icons, 2, LANG_NEUTRAL, main_icon
  icon main_icon, icon_data, 'file.ico'

file.ico contains 10 icons of various sizes and bit depths. But resulting exe file got only one icon: 32x32x4. What should I change to get full range of icons in executable?
Post 29 Oct 2016, 07:33
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ProMiNick 29 Oct 2016, 23:25
smsng like that (there bugs inside it is only idea)
macro multyicon group,[label,icon_file] ; usage multyicon instead of icon:  multyicon main_icon,<icon_data1_at_fileico,icon_data2_at_fileico,...>,'file.ico'
 { common local count
    count = 0
   forward ;local lcount
      irpv lbl,label \{
        local data,size,position
        lbl dd RVA data,size,0,0
        ;virtual at 0
        ;  file icon_file:4,2
        ;  load lcount word from 0
        ;end virtual
        ;% must be <=lcount
        virtual at 0
        file icon_file:6+16*(%-1),16
        load size dword from 8
        load position dword from 12
        end virtual
        data file icon_file:position,size
        count = count+1
   common local header
    align 4
    group dd RVA header,6+count*14,0,0
    header dw 0,1,count
     irpv lbl,label \{
       file icon_file:6+16*(%-1),12
       dw lbl#.resid
    align 4 } 

And of course you can split 1 ico file to 10 by sm progs like microangelo and use standard macro.

Thou ever can split ico with fasm:

; must be compiled as many times as subicons file has
; source icon should be in other folder than code or it will be overriden
; source code each time should be renamed or each previous ico will be overriden
format binary as 'ico'
macro extractico icon_file,num
  virtual at 0
  file icon_file:4,2
  load count word from 0
  if count<num
    err 'Индекс иконки превысил количество'
  end if
  end virtual
  file icon_file,4
  dw 1
  file icon_file:6+num*16,16
  load size dword from $-8
  load offset dword from $-4
  file icon_file:offset,size
extractico 'file.ico',1 ; change that from 1 to ico count in file 

Thou can think how to implement 1st case, or use 2nd and don`t think.

I don`t like to refer by "you" to one person.
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Post 29 Oct 2016, 23:25
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