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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 24 Aug 2016, 11:06
This thread is a place to keep links to all the examples, macroinstruction libraries and even complete applications created with fasmg. We may create some central repository for such projects in the future, but an index such as this one may still provide links to more of them.

If you would like your work to be listed here, please post in this thread with information about it.


The basic fasmg package may be found near the bottom of the Download section of this website. You can also browse the HTML version of documentation, linked in the Documentation section. The source code repository with a complete history of fasmg development can also be browsed here.

The Programming Laguage Design forum contains a thread where I announced and discussed the initial release of fasmg and another thread announcing the CALM extension. In the Compiler Internals forums there is also a thread about DLL version of fasmg.

Additional packages I made, like the fasm-compatible Win32 macros, are stored in the official GitHub-based repository. I also wrote a guide to migration from fasm to fasmg and recorded some basic video guides about setting up fasmg, both showing how to use these packages.

Several of these packages are also combined in the fasm 2 project, which provides further fasm compatibility combined with an advanced x86 encoder with new capabilities.


i8080/85 support by shoorick.

MCS-48 macros by shoorick.

MOS 6502 assembler by codestar.

PIC 14-bit by edfed.

eZ80 includes by jacobly (GitHub).

EFI x64 sample by Akeo (GitHub).

EBC assembler for UEFI by Akeo (GitHub).

Intel MCS-8 I8008 instructions by halak.

STM8 MCU instruction set by shoorick.

aarch64 instructions and formats by tthsqe (GitHub).

ARM6-M + PIO instruction sets by txmx.


ALIGN implementation and tricks.

STRUCT re-implemented using CALM.

WebAssembly basics.

PDF quine by Mike Gonta.

Dalvik-based Android example by MaoKo.

Assembly of legacy sources (16-bit MASM/TASM).

Assembly of HeavyThing library (including rwasa web server).

Simple game engine using SDL2 library.

Randomized shuffling of code to optimize for a certain scenario.

Advanced x86 encoder prototype.

Instruction encoding verification.

Development of Mach-O executables and objects.

X32 ABI executables and objects.

Windows on ARM64 executable.

fasmg as a preprocessor.

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