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Joined: 17 Mar 2016
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WOSHINIHENNAN 17 Mar 2016, 05:20
Hello Mr Ville:
I am a computer enthusiast who is very intrested in the menuetos operating system developed by you.I think MenuetOS is a kind of sprit.
However, I am not satisfied with certain aspects of the MenuetOS, and I have some suggestions that I would like to share with you.
1. Could you make a version of the menuetos for USB sticks. As we all know, the floppy disk has been replaced by modern storage devices many years ago, and the USB stick is one of the successors. The floppy disk is not only slower than an USB stick, and its capacity is also much smaller, not to mention that is also very hard to find or buy a floppy disk drive.I think MenuetOS characteristic is that it is written by assembly language, rather than installed on a floppy disk,floppy disk operating system does not conform to the times demand.
2.Some new motherboards deprecated the legacy BIOS support, and replaced by the newer UEFI. This results in the menutos not be able to install and boot on those machines. I am saying, it should not be hard for you to support for UEFI.
3. I hope it to have more built-in drivers, although I deeply know this is a difficult task.
The above are my suggestions, any replies will be appreciated.
Post 17 Mar 2016, 05:20
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Ville 17 Mar 2016, 14:42
Technically, it's already possible to form such an image to any supported storage, including the usb-stick. You need to modify the configuration file, config.mnt with system_directory-parameter, to point to the boot-device. Also you can modify the hd and cd -parameters if needed. If you want to help us, you could do it yourself and I'll add it to the download section. Altough many usb-sticks are capable of booting with eltorito cd-image (http://menuetos.net/cdboot.htm). The trouble with usb-booting is that some older bioses don't hand off the usb-functions cleanly to the os after executing the usb-bootsector. And I agree with the drivers, you can also help us with those, so I'll add to to the image.
Post 17 Mar 2016, 14:42
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