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CandyMan 31 Oct 2015, 17:19
assemble the entire sequence of the instruction:
vpshufd xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,8
vpshufd ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,8
vpshufd zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,8
vpshufd xmm1{k1}{z},[rsp+64],8
vpshufd ymm1{k1}{z},[rsp+64],8
vpshufd zmm1{k1}{z},[rsp+64],8
vpshufd xmm1{k1}{z},[rsp+64]{1to4},8
vpshufd ymm1{k1}{z},[rsp+64]{1to8},8
vpshufd zmm1{k1}{z},[rsp+64]{1to16},8
vpslldq xmm1,xmm2,8
vpslldq ymm1,ymm2,8
vpslldq zmm1,zmm2,8
vpslldq xmm1,[rsp+64],8
vpslldq ymm1,[rsp+64],8
vpslldq zmm1,[rsp+64],8
vpsrldq xmm1,xmm2,8
vpsrldq ymm1,ymm2,8
vpsrldq zmm1,zmm2,8
vpsrldq xmm1,[rsp+64],8
vpsrldq ymm1,[rsp+64],8
vpsrldq zmm1,[rsp+64],8
vpsllw xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,xmm3
vpsllw ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,xmm3
vpsllw zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,xmm3
vpsllw xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,[rsp+64]
vpsllw ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,[rsp+64]                ;disp8=04h
vpsllw zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,[rsp+64]                ;disp8=04h
vpslld xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,xmm3
vpslld ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,xmm3
vpslld zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,xmm3
vpslld xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,[rsp+64]
vpslld ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,[rsp+64]                ;disp8=04h
vpslld zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,[rsp+64]                ;disp8=04h
vpsllq xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,xmm3
vpsllq ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,xmm3
vpsllq zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,xmm3
vpsllq xmm1{k1}{z},xmm2,[rsp+64]
vpsllq ymm1{k1}{z},ymm2,[rsp+64]                ;disp8=04h
vpsllq zmm1{k1}{z},zmm2,[rsp+64]                ;disp8=04h

smaller is better
Post 31 Oct 2015, 17:19
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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 31 Oct 2015, 21:16
Fixing now...
Post 31 Oct 2015, 21:16
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