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sleepsleep wrote:
i don't have to demonize islam, they are everywhere inside qoran and hadiths,

I didn't expect this BACKSTABBING REMARK to come from a Chinese who been living and breeding well in a country full of PIOUS and OBSERVANT Muslims (AFAIK, beside Saudi Arabians, Malaysian Muslims are the second most observant).

It shows the UNGRATEFUL and BACKSTABBING nature of the Chinese immigrants despite being treated nicely and patiently by observant muslims in a Muslim Country. That's EVEN AFTER THE CHINESE IMMIGRANTS WAGE TERRORIST ATTACKS against the Muslims for 20 years under COMMUNIST FLAGS trying to take over the country by force and terror!!


Still, the muslims are showing great self-restraints against their Chinese immigrants!

sleepsleep wrote:
current refugees situation in europe is worse and serious,
the influx in higher volume each day is not something that you could imagine.
the idea of humanity and the idea of national security,
the fear, the cultural assimilation and etc.

YOU, a Chinese should not talk about national security or cultural assimilation. YOU LAUNCHED TERROR ATTACK against your hosts (Muslims) remember? And assimilation???... duhhh, how many CHINATOWNS do you have around the world and how many of you can properly speak your host language? 50 percent of Chinese immigrants in British Columbia never really walk out of their chinatowns in fear of cultural asssimilation!


sleepsleep wrote:
it just they already for see dangers of islamization and think they could handle it or they simply belittle how lightning fast muslim breeds.

This has been debunked in previous post. You are the living proof that even when you an infidel chinese immigrant live in a muslim country, you still maintain your religion, your cultural practice and identity and BREED LIKE CRITTERS happily. LOL

sleepsleep wrote:
i brought it because that is what moslem believe,

Christian believe that too. So here again you are contradicting your own thread. Europeans a.k.a Christians should just accept the immigrants because like sleepsleep said, they are just like Adam and Eve xD

So what's it gonna be? Should they be accepted by Europeans (based on your Adam and Eve logic) or should europeans see them as threats as your thread suggesting.

Please make up your mind. Because I can't stand to see my own countryman being ridiculed on a forum full of genius people xD
Post 03 Oct 2015, 09:08
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When all else fails, read the source

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Perhaps you two can take to PMs. Yeah.

Post 03 Oct 2015, 11:28
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