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Data structures are independent from specific platform or language but presence of them will be useful.

And I mean not simplest data structures.

1) I mean representation of 3D with matrix multiplication (It is cleared but still interest)
2) ...algorithms of sound coding and processing (like FFT)
3) vertex graphics and its algorithms
4) physics (especialy i interested in physics of wear: how soft tissue constructed from flat pieces fit formed object taking into account gravity or wind or object transforming. And reverse process of finding that pieces interested too)
5) text editing (different tricks for representing text in memory not as simplest array: block splitting, gap buffer, etc. ...and examples of it preffered in fasm) - fasm is the best base for writing series of best text editors ever.
6) hardware dependent level (BIOS & UEFI) (especialy i interested in software for editing that and ideally creating of such software or creating in fasm own workable BIOS version for specific motherboard)
7) virtualization

(PS: In general I looking for inspiration to write something useful as example of fasm coding)
Thanks for ideas and links. And for your examples.
Post 25 Jul 2015, 21:56
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