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codestar 01 May 2015, 22:57
Idea: A social media network for serious professionals, artists, programmers and developers. To create, share, teach, distribute code, media, videos, tutorials, examples, display portfolio and resume, connect with potential employers, "Native Play Store" for independent developers to sell programs and receive fair commission: 50%/50%.

Sketch (5 minutes) - See attachment. This IS the "design", features, arrangement; it has nothing to do with visuals, colors, fonts.
* Home: Main interface
* Friend: List, View, Add, Ignore
* Message: Send private message
* Profile: About. Age, location, profession, school, optional contact information
* Board: "Wall", news, updates, examples. Select: [] Public [] Just Me [] Friends [] +Their Friends
* Personal: Favorites: Books, music, movies, games
* Media: Images, music, videos, software
* Edit: Settings
Pawn Blocker - Optional plugin to automatically ignore the "talkers" and the typical programmers if most (>50%) of the following is true:
[*] All talk, no action
[*] Follower; does what's "normal"; Always thinks inside of the box
[*] Obsessive control freak
[*] Tells everyone what to do, but doesn't know what to do
[*] Takes/accepts credit for other's code
[*] Never makes programs, but "I'm a programmer. I convinced people/employers that I am" (Delusional)
[*] Always downgrades the best programmers of out jealousy (Haters)
[*] Inability to think for oneself; Believes what authorities say without question
[*] Always asks questions; Refuses to search for answers: "asm beginner tutorial"
[*] They don't really want to learn, they want to be called a "programmer" without having to put in the work; years of time, practice and dedication.
[*] They believe everything they hear and mindlessly repeat it like a broken record
[*] They judge everything by popularity. Always go with the "popular vote" (George Bush)
[*] Always promotes the higher number; example, 64BIT color, 4K resolution, even if it means slower, illogical (no visible difference), less portable and more dependent on hardware (Intel, MS)
[*] Inability to manage time, money, programming 2-DO list
[*] Gambling problems; Faith in improbability (In casinos, my total winnings: $1300+ of pure profit. My strategy? Only take $10-$20, $5 worth of cheap slots for fun and 1-3 $5 games; example: blackjack or roulette. Know the rules and probabilities. If you loose, just walk away, it wasn't meant to be)
[*] Optimizes what occurs .1% of the time. Forget what occurs 99.9% of the time

Description: MyWorld - Fast Sketch
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Post 01 May 2015, 22:57
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