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if we fly a huge kite and use strong conveyor belt to deliver "stuffs" to outerspace, then probably we could save lots of fuel and increase the momentum to shift human to another planet, moon, or etc.

The average distance in miles above Earth's surface the ISS orbits (250 kilometers).

a 500 km strong belt should possible by today technology.

after stuff got loaded out of earth atmosphere, then (xyz fueled) robot will position them into their desired place .


In 2012, the Obayashi Corporation announced that in 38 years it could build a space elevator using carbon nanotube technology.[28] At 200 kilometers per hour, the design's 30-passenger climber would be able to reach the GEO level after a 7.5 day trip.[29] No cost estimates, finance plans, or other specifics were made. This, along with timing and other factors, hinted that the announcement was made largely to provide publicity for the opening of one of the company's other projects in Tokyo.[30]

Google said in April 2014 that it has considered designing a space elevator, but that the project was not then feasible.[31]

hope to see this while still alive.
Post 28 Apr 2015, 15:21
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There is no such belt that to withstand its own weight, on 35000km length (the height of the geostationary orbit where the other end of the belt must be).

"Carbon nano tubes" are simply pseudo scientific talks in order to reach some (big) money.
Post 28 Apr 2015, 16:09
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Kites need air. Totally unworkable.
Post 28 Apr 2015, 17:14
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Wind, Weight, Stability, Durability, Control.
Post 28 Apr 2015, 21:41
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When all else fails, read the source

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Linear rails with magnetic drives (similar to a maglev train) have been studied and prototyped for a long time and so far they are not even close to being ready for launching any payload into space. It does have the potential for very efficient low cost launches but the problems that need to be overcome are quite substantial.

sleepsleep: A small amount of research turns up very many references to this type of launch system.
Post 29 Apr 2015, 03:19
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Constellation = A predictable pattern of stars in the sky as locations.
Electromagnetic Radiation = Energy that travels through space in the form of magnetic energy waves.
Visible Light = Electromagnetic radiation that humans can cosmic photon theory.
Wavelength = The rythm of time waves effect on dense dreaming.
Spectrum = The rainbows range of wavelengths of electromagnetic waves unicorns.
Refracting Telescope = Convex lenses to gather and focus light beams at target x.
Reflecting Telescope = A telescope that uses mirrors to gather and focus ligh bulbs.
Radio Telescope = Detect dream radio waves from objects in space aand enhance signals.
Post 14 Jun 2015, 00:18
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