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(you can use a calculator during this game.)
This is a 2 player game where you flip a coin a bunch of
times and whoever guesses the most right (heads or tails)
wins the bet.
Step#0 = Flip coin to see who goes first. Decides who
is player 1 and player 2. Heads or tails.

Step#1 = Both players 1 and 2 make and agree on a money bet.
This is the worth of the game.

Step#2 = Players decide and agree on the maximum number of
coin flips per game. Game is over at this amount of flips.

(Step#0 to Step#2 happen before the game begins.)

Step#3 = Players 1 and 2 guess heads or tails. It is okay
to have the same guesses.

Step#4 = Player 1 or 2 (depending in last turn) flips the
coin. Players take turns flipping coin.

Step#5 = Players with the correct guess gets a check mark.

(Step#3 to Step#5 go in an endless loop until game is over.)

Step#6 = When end of game is reached (maximum number of flips are
made) player with the most checks wins and takes the money bet.

* If there is a tie (both players win) keep flipping coins until
a player has the most checks.

* You can keep trek of the coin and record how many times heads
and tails shows up during a game.
Things required to play the game:

* A coin with heads and tails.
* A pen and paper to check correct guesses.
* 2 players.

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