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aceite de churros

Joined: 30 Jun 2004
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aceite de churros 30 Jun 2004, 11:43
You need DOS to run it, Linux with NASM & TCC to recompile... oh, why am I saying this. My target audience is very resourceful Smile


For those who don't have DOS, you can use the fat12 bootloader from RetroForth/Native download

Basically, I'm applying Chuck Moore's philosophy to the Unix/C environment. I'm taking shortcuts to Unix compatibility - just enough to run 'dumb terminal' programs - with minimal abstractions. It's a hardcore hacker's OS. Maybe there'll be a big computer-industry shakeout and the damn things will finally be simplified and standardized - then these ideas could see widespread use. In our dreams, eh?

I took the better ideas from Retro 2 thru 6, rewrote the code, and added some things...

- nifty BIOS textmode setting (I'm using 100x37)

- software task switching (simpler, faster than TSS)

- I/O buffers (necessary for multitasking)

Near-term goals

- DOS floppy support (read/write, run ELF executables)

- run RetroForth (for interactive kernel debugging)

- memory manager

- real scheduler with run/wait queues etc.

- virtual console switching

Big long-term projects:

- C library

- virtual filesystem

- graphics framework (something which has been problematic for Linux)


Description: Demo (for people without FreeDOS)

-- --------------------
- run RetroForth (for interactive kernel debugging)


Filename: rf-native.zip
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Post 30 Jun 2004, 11:43
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Joined: 21 Jun 2003
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crc 30 Jun 2004, 12:06
I feel a need to clarify a few points here:

1) The kernel being described is an early, incomplete kernel being developed by Tom Novelli (http://tom.bespin.org)
2) "RetroForth/Native" (a standalone version of RetroForth) was created by Tom Novelli, I (Charles Childers) took over all development & maintence of the codebase in 2002; all releases made since 2002 are mine (with some ports originally written by others!).
3) The above post is literally taken directly from the posts at http://forum.retroforth.org
4) The kernel uses NASM & TCC (I am working on a FASM+TCC version of it to use as the basis of a new Assembly+ForthOS...)
5) The latest version of RetroForth/Native is always at http://download.retroforth.org/native.zip NOT the link specified above OR the file attached to the above post. The current version is much better than the one in the above post!
6) RetroForth/Native is NOT a demo of this kernel. It will run on top of this kernel when I release RetroForth/Native 7.0 (this fall), but is currently a totally separate project.

I'm actually bothered that the above was posted without crediting the actual author of the program, or even checking with me or Tom for more information. It isn't meant for public use yet -- He released it at my request, and with the warning that it was far from finished.

Charles Childers, Programmer
Post 30 Jun 2004, 12:06
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